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A treasure box which a lot of readers might have known but we’re sure some of the readers here would benefit from this enormous library nonetheless.

The interface of this collection is very contextual, listing titles with their respective covers on the right side of the listing.

Downloading any of them is pretty straight forward – browse or search for the titles you’re looking for, click and download the ebook format of your choice.

A torrent file contains information about the content to be distributed and a list of trackers that help locate machines sharing the desired files and folders.You can search for torrent files using special torrent search engines, some of which we will enlist below.Note that it is not necessary to use torrents to download free ebooks, there are many other popular services like Free Book Spot, 4e Books and Many Books that can be used to directly search and download latest ebooks for free.Torrent that are used to share copyrighted books, constitute illegality. Esnips and are good places to search legally downloadable ebooks and other content.The Internet Archive ( has now open up its library of collections via torrents (direct downloads are available as well).

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These are all legal titles with wide variety of formats.

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