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Because they were seeing the big picture and not thinking about how fucked up those two (maybe 3 or 4 but who cares? They are so adorable, and talk about how drinking isn’t dangerous at all. Then they come out and scream “Tik Tok” by, as Principal Figgins put it, ‘rapper Ke-dollarsign-ha,” with Brittany the Perfect on lead: I feel for you, Brittany the Perfect, I do.

I mean it was despicable, but also, did they just know all this was coming down the line? back to health just so you can torture him to death. Kurt’s Dad Burt from explains that he’d also be upset if Finn had a girl sleep over in his bed.

Because if you think about it, she was only universally abused for like two episodes, then shit changed and became much more complex. Kurt tells him to educate himself about gay sex so that one day Kurt can ask him questions about it like a str8 son would ask his dad.

Was it necessary for them to just lay that groundwork, character-wise, knowing that this stuff was coming later? Kurt shows up at Rachel’s after her date with Blaine to “help her clean up after the party” (man, she was just … ), but then just ends up flipping out about Blaine (why so skeptical, Kurt? Meanwhile, Bieste drops Schue off at his house, and they are both fucking wasted. I don’t know what to think about this, I’m already so hungover from drinking all that vodka and Cherry Coke Zero two hours ago. Then it’s time for the Alcohol Awareness Assembtards thirstily chug a gross mixture of everykindofbooze, cough syrup, and crushed up Oreos backstage to set the mood.

I smoked weed, eventually, like right towards the end, and then everysecondsince; but, I never drank for realsies until college. I just don’t GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THE SUE WANTING TO DESTROY THE GLEE CLUB THING that only seems important SOMETIMES, but when it does it’s like THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER, THE VERY CRUX OF THE WHOLE SHOW (except for the screaming), but then disappears completely sometimes? Rachel’s dads are going out of town (WHEN ARE WE GOING TO MEET THEM ALREADY??? Like, someone carried him down the stairs, unless there’s an elevator, but i doubt it, so… “Don’t You Want Me Baby,” by Rachel and Blaine everybody: handled the ‘kids throw up so much when they binge drink’ angle pretty accurately, but like, no one under 21 gets serious hangovers, or at least ones that last for days.

I didn’t have a ton of friends at all, and the ones I did have only drank a ton when we were like 17+, and I was the only one with a car (a 1994 gold Ford Taurus wagon), so if we ever did go out (which we didn’t), I had to be sober (weed didn’t count (and neither did whip-its because they, like, wore right off right away)). Then Emma tells Schue that he should really start dating (SOMEONE ELSE), but Sue tells Schue that he start going to A. meetings because when she kicks his ass at gionals with her Aural Intensity assholes, he is going to want to drink himself to death. Also, Sue pushed the real coach of Aural Intensity down the stairs (after referring to him as a “chipper homosexual”) before she took his job. It’s so dragged out at this point it better be Ricky Martin and Elton John or some shit by the time they do show up on screen (or … I remember when I turned 26 or so they really started to become grownup hangovers. Schue’s like “neato job, duderinos, but you guys are fucking wasted right now, and also that song has a terrible message for children.” The tards are like “fuck you, hypocrite, you probably drink sometimes” and he’s like “nope, I do coke … Maybe smoke a tiny bit, but mostly through my butt.” Schue’s all stressed out about his drunk slaves, plus Emma is buying a new house with Hot Uncle Jesse Carl.

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So, watching this episode, I wanted be all “oh this is retarded, nothing is ever like this, what a dumb piece of TV.” But really, the whole time, I was like “aaaaaw, these assholes are so lucky to have each other, because drinking is fun and only cool grownups like me should do it alone right now.” Oh, maybe I should also say that I drank a 20oz. tards to scream properness back into the souls of their classmates. I was like “wait, is this what It was fine, but what was with all the slow-mo, and the spinning banquettes with Naked Sam and Brittany the Perfect all alone on them just looking all sexually into the camera hole? Bieste is like “you need to chiiiiiiiiiiill the fuck out, man, cum out with me to a honky tonk bar tonight,” and Schue’s like “oh, fuck yeah!

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