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It is submitted in this connection that that provision is clearly invalid because it is at odds with the principle of social distribution of expenditure necessary for the furtherance of public interests However, it cannot and must not condone the use of techniques that are at odds with the development of the rule of law, with development of the construction of the EU as a legal entity, a community that must have a clear hierarchy of rules: a set of Treaties - which I still call constitutional, despite everything - laying down the fundamental laws, and EU legislation covering all areas where the EU must play its role, while naturally observing the principles of proportionality and subsidiarity but maintaining the Union's competences and establishing the legislative action to be taken, reserving for the purposes of execution instruments such as this open method of coordination or any other instrument the Commission may feel has to be adopted to achieve the EU's objectives.

Uważam, że byłoby niepojęte i niedopuszczalne, gdyby przyszłość Europy była opóźniana albo blokowana przez osobiste poglądy kogoś, kto z całkowitym lekceważeniem odnosi się do opinii większości w odnośnym parlamencie i ma zupełnie odmienne zdanie.I must point out, however, as did my colleagues Mr Fava and Mr Moreno, that the lofty goals of the resolution are at odds with the recalcitrant attitude of the rapporteur, Mr Díaz de Mera, who was Director-General of the Spanish Police on 11 March 2004 and who refused to cooperate with the court that presided over the trial on Europe's largest ever terrorist bombing.Muszę zaznaczyć jednak, jak zresztą uczynili to również posłowie Claudio Fava i Javier Moreno Sánchez, że wzniosłe cele rezolucji są niezgodne z opornym nastawieniem sprawozdawcy, Agustína Díaza de Mery, który był dyrektorem generalnym hiszpańskiej policji w dniu 11 marca 2004 r.i który odmówił współpracy z sądem kierującym sprawą największego terrorystycznego zamachu bombowego w Europie.Forcing the Member States urgently to abandon that energy source, to stop building new plants and to shut the others, is completely at odds with the outright rejection of fossil energy, on the pretext that its use would contribute to global warming.

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