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The earliest known attestation of Ḵur is found in the history of Ḥayāti Tabrizi, compiled in 961/1554, on the reign of the Shah , en route to Khorasan, visited Ḵur, where he assigned a certain Sayyed Dāvud to convert the Zoroastrian inhabitants to Islam, and where the shah and his escort Mollābāši each built a cistern (Figure 1). The rise of Ḵur must have come about under the ) of Qorā-ye Sabʿa (Seven Villages), also known then as the Jandaq o Biābānak district. This anecdote is linked in popular culture to Sayyed Dāvud’s sanctuary () and the cisterns Ḥowż-e Šāh and Ḥowż-e Mollā (Dastān, p. A major source of this period is a monograph compiled in 1884 (commissioned within a national geographic project launched by the Persian Ministry of Science) by Ebrāhim Dastān Yaḡmāʾi, the son of the renowned poet Yaḡmā Jandaqi, both from Ḵur notwithstanding their “Jandaqi” west of Ḵur, a seasonal river of extremely saline water was a source of mechanical energy for five watermills, while two more watermills had been planted in the kārizes. Two European travelers offer valuable information on Ḵur as well. Mac Gregor, who traversed the district in 1875, Ḵur was 2 miles in diameter with 400 mudbrick houses but just a few wind towers (s, as well as 1,200 sheep and 150 cows. celebration of the Sada in rural Khorasan, reported in Šakurzāda, pp. Ḵur had 460 households, 840 male and 860 female residents, and several hamlets and farms, of which only Jegārg and Ṭāherābad prospered (Dastān, pp. Village men not engaged in caravan transport worked in palm groves, where half of the 10,000 date palms formerly there had been frostbitten and died due to the unusually heavy snow of 1903.

On finer satellite maps, one sees Ḵur surrounded by long stretches of desert and broken mountain chains, and that it lies on a shallow slope descending from the Taštāb Mountain (cf. Hot and extremely arid summers and mild winters with windstorms and flooding characterize the climate.With only a few frost nights annually and seldom snowfalls, Ḵur falls within the northern boundary of cultivation in Persia.Although the Biābānak district itself has been known since the 10th century, there is no mention of Ḵur in sources until early modern times.There were however two similarly named medieval villages, Ḵuri(n) and Ḵur, in the district of Ṭabas (Le Strange, p. Ḥabib Yaḡmāʾi paid frequent visits to his birthplace and opened there a library in 1970, to which he bestowed his large personal collection. 361), some 200 km east of Biābānak; these settlements do not exist any longer. During the last night of the year, Šab-e Bibihur, people would keep the lights burning overnight and the sacks and jars of cereals open all night, believing that Bibihur would visit the house brighten with light and would offer blessing by touching the grocery and food (Ḥekmat, p. In Ḵur the Nowruz tablecloth, called Ḵān-e Nowruzi, held an assortment of nuts and fruits, as well as the celebrated , an indispensible Nowruz snack across the Iranian world (see Haft Sin) (idem, p. Besides Sizdah Bedar, which concludes the Nowruz chain of festivals in most parts of Persia, the Ḵuris would also spend outdoors in the Heždah Bedar, the eighteenth day of the New Year, with the distinguished custom of sprinkling water on each other (Āl-e Dāvud, 2009). A series of folkloric songs and poems from Ḵur have been published by Lesān-al-Ḥaqq Ṭabāṭabāʾi (2007, 2008, 2009).

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