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In June Thi declined an opportunity to serve as prime minister after being nominated by his fellow officers; he wanted to let a rival take the job and then step in after they failed, but he never got the chance.

Britain wants a trade deal that gives London’s financial district,...Read more OME (Japan), Sept 25 — Ozawa Shuzo brewery hums with activity as boxed bottles of sake are loaded onto trucks.But with the domestic market shrinking, more and more of it is bound for burgeoning overseas markets where the centuries old drink is all the rage.Rujukan dalam PRPM meliputi kamus Melayu dan Inggeris, istilah(Malaysia, Indonesia dan Brunei), ensiklopedia, puisi, bahasa sukuan ( Sabah dan Sarawak), peribahasa, arkib khidmat nasihat DBP, tesaurus bahasa Melayu, kandungan laman WEB DBP dan kandungan laman WEB lain yang ditentukan oleh DBP.PRPM merupakan Pusat Sehenti Rujukan Persuratan Melayu yang dimiliki oleh Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Malaysia .

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