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Update (Kasis - 22/09/2009 22.00) Zmianie uległ termin spotkania: Zostało ono przesunięte na 03 października. "Czas najwyższy, żeby już coś napisać o najbliższym spotkaniu.

Enter a world of unrelenting evil as terror finds a new form in The Unborn Unrated Cut.

From the producers of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the co-writer of The Dark Knight comes this shocking supernatural thriller about a young woman (Odette Yustman) plagued by chilling dreams and tortured by a demonic ghost that haunts her waking hours.

Her only hope to break the debilitating paranormal curse is in an exorcism with spiritual advisor Sendak (Gary Oldman).

See what lies beyond the doorway of our world in the unrated cut too terrifying for theaters!

The Unborn is a 2009 American supernatural horror film written and directed by David S. The film stars Odette Yustman as a young woman who is tormented by a dybbuk and seeks help from a rabbi (Gary Oldman).

The dybbuk seeks to use her death as a gateway to physical existence.

Casey Beldon has nightmarish hallucinations of strange-looking dogs in the neighbourhood and an evil child with bright blue eyes following her around.

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Nastąpiła mała reorganizacja w dziale Fandom, która ma na celu usprawnienie jego funkcjonowania.

Redakcja Bastionu podzieliła między siebie poszczególne województwa.

Od teraz wszystkie informacje o poczynaniach fanów na danym terenie należy podsyłać do poszczególnych redaktorów „sprawujących pieczę” nad konkretnym województwem.

Dotyczy to zarówno spotkań i imprez, jak i innych form działalności fanów z danego obszaru.

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  1. Keep it relatively vague until you’re sure this person isn’t going to show up at your favorite dive bar wielding a cleaver. Truth or dare is a rite of passage when you’re a hormonal teenager and it might be fun in the virtual world, but remember, what is done online is typically cataloged in the cloud for who-knows how long and there’s no real way for you to know how long it will be downloaded and stored on a perfect stranger’s PC.