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Welcome to Practice Connect, an update for practice managers, nurses and practice administration staff on relevant issues, upcoming events and education. Story one Pathways are now available for contraception and sterilisation which include all family planning and women’s health services, IUD insertion providers, sperm storage and copper IUD stockists.

All acute and non-acute Diabetes referral pathways are now available on Health Pathways.

These pathways contain up-to-date referral information for all WA public and private hospitals.

More clinical Diabetes pathways have also been published including Renal Screening in Diabetes, Insulin Education by Practice Nurse, Hospital-based Diabetes Education, Foot Screening in Diabetes, Multidisciplinary Foot Ulcer Team (MDFUT), Insulin Pump Breakdown and Troubleshooting, Diabetes Medication Management.

Clinical Stream Working Groups Health Pathways are recruiting for GPs to participate in the following working groups: Working group participants will discuss current issues specific to the clinical stream and potential solutions.

They will also assist GP clinical editors in pathway development – GPs can earn CPD points for partaking in a working group.

Being a senior part of the management team, Louise is always leading from the front to drive process and cultural change and is relied upon and respected by her team and GPs.

Louise will represent Western Australia and vie for the title of 2016 National Practice Manager of the Year Award to be announced at this year’s National Conference in Melbourne.

Details on the award and nomination are available on the AAPM website.

To access Health Pathways contact your Network Support Officer or email [email protected] to request login details.

More information about Health Pathways is available online.

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