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Google Play then supplies each APK to the appropriate devices based on configuration support you've declared in the manifest file of each APK.By publishing your application with multiple APKs, you can: Currently, these are the only device characteristics that Google Play supports for publishing multiple APKs as the same application.Note: You should generally use multiple APKs to support different device configurations only when your APK is too large (greater than 100MB) due to the alternative resources needed for different device configurations.Using a single APK to support different configurations is always the best practice, because it makes the path for application updates simple and clear for users (and also makes your life simpler by avoiding development and publishing complexity).Read the section below about Using a Single APK Instead to consider your options before publishing multiple APKs.Before you start publishing multiple APKs on Google Play, you must understand a few concepts regarding how the Google Play Developer Console works.

Each APK is a complete and independent version of your application, but they share the same application listing on Google Play and must share the same package name and be signed with the same release key.This feature is useful for cases in which your application cannot reach all desired devices with a single APK.Android-powered devices may differ in several ways and it's important to the success of your application that you make it available to as many devices as possible.Android applications usually run on most compatible devices with a single APK, by supplying alternative resources for different configurations (for example, different layouts for different screen sizes) and the Android system selects the appropriate resources for the device at runtime.In a few cases, however, a single APK is unable to support all device configurations, because alternative resources make the APK file too big (greater than 100MB) or other technical challenges prevent a single APK from working on all devices.

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Although we encourage you to develop and publish a single APK that supports as many device configurations as possible, doing so is sometimes not possible.

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