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Guys love it when you wear their clothes, especially when you’re still all naked under that tee.

Put it on at night or in the morning for coffee and toast.

But before you leave, make sure you tell him this is yours now and put it in a drawer or on a closet shelf that isn’t its normal place.

Move some of his stuff out of the way and claim half of a drawer or one closet cubby so it has a place of its own.

But the long-term game is driven by the female mind, which is the engine that has transformed our world from a jungle ruled by might and brute force into a civilized, functional and sustainable society.

The best way for a woman to gradually stake her claim on a man’s life while she is winning his heart is to leave little reminders of her around his home.

In fact, it is not only OK for you to leave things there, but it is required if you want to keep the Earth from spinning out of its orbit.

When the time is right, you might have a nice date on Saturday evening and spend the night at his place. But the Sunday morning walk of shame can be an awkward experience.

It’s not something you want to repeat often, but you can’t just claim the bottom drawer in his dresser yet either.

For now, just remember next time to roll up some leggings in your purse that can pass for pants and borrow one of his T-shirts that will come close to your knees.

The second time you stay over, you have to make sure you claim one of his T-shirts as your own (and not the one you might wear home).

Dr Brian Steixner, Director of the Institute for Men’s Health at Jersey Urology Group in the US, warned that men who sleep in boxers or briefs can compromise the quality of their sperm as their genitals become too warm during the night.

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