Mi moneda pendant online dating

These are also fully compatible with the pendants and coins, offering an alternative way to wear.

The Gusto bracelet featured below exploits the use of texture to massive effect.

Worn free of coins it has a chic simplicity that would perfectly accessorise any outfit.

With the interchangeable coin based pendant style tipped to be the next must have accessory, there’s little wonder the brand have already developed a celebrity following.

The necklaces and pendants are available in silver, gold plated or rose gold plated (it’s worth noting that there’s also a range of leather and silk cord available.) Rose gold has been increasingly in popularity over the past year and I suspect this trend will continue.

Personally I adore rose gold and find it a beautiful compliment to silver.

What’s more, this eclectic mix of materials allows the wearer to dress their necklace up or down depending on their outfit ensemble.Teaming a silver necklace and pendant with a leather or animal print coin results in a creation that’s casual chic and bang on trend for the current season.While the modular necklaces are undoubtedly the highlight and indeed the focus of this brand, they do boast an equally stunning range of bracelets and rings.Interchangeable coin necklaces have been tipped as the “next big thing” by online magazine The Professional Jeweller.While such claims are often met with an air of scepticism, this is the same magazine that predicted the surge in popularity of the crystal bead style bracelets, made popular by brands such as Tresor Paris.

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