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Dating is a process of trial and error, I’m sure you already know. Inevitably spending hours getting ready, which is exhausting.And often the date ends up being boring or maybe he has some hidden secrets or you two just don’t mesh well together at all. Imagine a dating app where everything is done for you… We find the perfect gentlemen you’ve always dreamed of dating. The ones with personalities, who don’t bore you to death with endless monologues about their lives.

I’m not trying to imply that all online dates will be psycho killers.

But I’ve had my own personal experiences with clingy men who just so happen to “be in the area” and show up completely unannounced with a rose… (I understand if you’re going steady with a guy and he surprises you with gifts and flowers, that’s one thing.

But if this happens after JUST meeting someone, you know there’s a screw loose somewhere.)As women, we want to feel secure and safe with whomever we date.

The twist is that they are faced with surprises, and sometimes even shocking revelations as one partner discovers the truth about his or her online date. But honesty is the most fundamental aspect of any romantic interaction.

When something does not match up to what we had originally thought, we end up disappointed, hurt and/or deceived.#3 Misleading Profile Information*Sigh* Where do I begin with this one?

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An online dating profile was designed to be honest and indicative of the lifestyle of the dater.

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