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Since the former couple’s divorce, Reggie has been spotted out on the town “living the “viva loca” with numerous lady friends.Here is a photo of Reggie Miller with his considerably younger, bikini-clad girlfriend grabbing his package out on a beach.Here are some more photos below of Reggie out partying with some of his lady friends.Join us for a Facebook Live chat with American Honey star Sasha Lane on Monday, Sept.

Marita and Reggie married on August 29th, 1992 and divorced April 2, 2001. Marita ‘s film credits include: Dinner Rush(2001), Family Matters(1994), Till Death Do Us Apartment (1994), Strictly Business (1991).To further pursue her acting career, Marita wanted Reggie to buy a house in California, but instead, Reggie began construction on a million mansion outside of Indianapolis.When their mansion was completed in July of 1997, Marita began moving the family in until one night the house burned down to the ground.Forensic tests conducted on the debris from the fire confirmed that the fire was set intentionally.While Marita Stavrou was never charged with arson, local sources pointed to her as the only person in Indiana who would have done such a thing.

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Three years after the fire, Reggie filed for divorce from Marita of ten years.

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