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Luckily a neighbor heard the commotion and called 911.

A few weeks after Beckman's attack, Ridley met another woman on the same site in Arizona and killed her.

Ridley was eventually caught and sentenced for murder in Arizona.

He was told that Beckman survived the attack, and he said he was surprised. We suggest NEVER, NEVER, NEVER meet ANY stranger though an online dating service.

The two agreed to meet at a local business and eventually went to a residence in Porterville to continue conversation.

While at the residence, Pillow began forcing himself on the woman, raping her.

Worse crimes have happened to women who were the victims of violent crimes while meeting with strangers they met with through online dating services.

Beckman went on a few dates with Wade Ridley before she ended things.

Ridley stalked and attacked the victim stabbing her a dozen times and smashed her head with a large rock.

He then stomped her face with his feet and left her for dead!!

Clayton County police have arrested 23-year-old Aamirr Philpot and charged him with rape, false imprisonment and aggravated sodomy for robbing and raping women he met on social media websites at gunpoint. Scott Hughes of the Clayton County Police Department said "Once he (Philpot) made contact with the females and gained their trust, he would arrange to meet them at a location and when they arrived, he would rape and rob them," .

Crimes such as these have been occurring for some time and although these horrible stories make the news regularly, still there are regular occurrences where people risk there lives to meet strangers they don't know at hotels and motels for sex, ending up being the victims of rape crimes all across the country.

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