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Lee Kun-hee is one of the richest men in a country that is often dubbed the Republic of Samsung.His son and three daughters were well provided for.Lee Yoon-hyung, although not directly involved in the company, had a personal fortune of more than £100m.After graduating in French literature from Ewha Women's University in Seoul last year, she moved to the US to study arts management at New York University.Early last week newspapers in South Korea, typically quoting officials rather than the Samsung family, carried prominent articles announcing her death in a car crash.One official told the press that she had been "pronounced medically dead" following the accident.The South Korean newspaper, Joong Ang Daily, reported that she died soon after being taken to hospital, and that a "simple, Buddhist-style" funeral took place in Manhattan on Monday.The Korea Herald quoted yet another Samsung representative saying that the company did not feel obliged to provide more details, adding: "We want to avoid unnecessary rumours that may circulate." But when the affair was delved further into, it began to look somewhat murky.

It was not clear, for instance, where the accident happened - according to some reports, it took place in the city; according to others, it happened on the outskirts.

There were no witnesses, other details were shrouded in vagueness and most crucially, the New York Police Department had no record of a fatal car crash involving Lee.

It wasn't until a week later that the true circumstances of her death were revealed: on Saturday 19 November, Lee hanged herself with an electrical cord in her East Village apartment, by attaching the cord to a door.

She was the young heiress to a billion-dollar fortune. And then she was found hanged in her Manhattan apartment.

Kathy Marks reports on a tragedy that has cast a shadow over one of the world's wealthiest families Lee Yoon-hyung was young, beautiful, clever, and rich beyond belief.

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