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“Mapping and outing sex workers is a horrible and potentially dangerous thing to do,” said Freymadl.

Freymadl is fully outed becaused of her position as a spokesperson for the Bes D e.

The map gave names and addresses of residences belonging to sex workers, in what many have condemned as a citation of violence and intimidation.

This comes after news that several parties in the neighbouring Dutch government would be backing a new law, which would restrict the 2002 legalisation of prostitution, to criminalise buyers of sex if there is a suspicion that a sex worker is a victim of human trafficking.

Justice Minister Ard van der Steur expressed concern of the ‘legal uncertainty’ about the proposed threshold of proof, but that it was up to parliament to decide.

Amnesty International, in a report last week, publicly recommended “the decriminalisation of all aspects of adult consensual sex work due to the foreseeable barriers that criminalisation creates to the realisation of the human rights of sex workers” across Europe.

Johanna Weber, the founder of the Professional Association of Erotic and Sexual Services, said: “It happened because the abolitionists wanted to show that all around Germany sex workers are working, and (to them) sex work means brutality and slavery.

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