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The text moves directly into orationes planetarum each of which begins with the formula " In nomine domini et creatoris potentissimi". The viith is the booke of Vertues for that thee is determined in it of vertues and miracles for there be solde the prpertyes of the arte and magicke and of his figures and of the ordinaunces of the same.

Catalogue notes: Fragmentum initio mutilum constabat autem hoc Opusculum Captibus septem, quorum ultimum inscribitur: De virtute attractionis Planetarum, et quomodo loqui possimus cum eis, et quomodo effectus dividetur per Planetas, figuras sacrificia, orationes, sufumigationes, propositiones, et status caeli necessarii quolibet Planetarum. (3.) No do thou not to another mane that thou wouldest to thy friend....7.

I was unable to determine the position of folios 34 and 35. (2.) No live thou not without law, and thou shalt be loved of God they Creatore and of folkes.

Scribe nomina intt~ in carea virginea et dicas Deus omnipotens [with figure]. 69r, Experimenti Baconis qui post qualibet diet vel hora qui volueris de die vel de nocte sive solus sive associatus.... Hic est liber quo natura corporalis et visibilis cum corporali et invisibili alloqui, rationari et instrui potest. [council of necromancers; necromancy].'Described as: A scoll containing prayers and invocations to S. Ut videante militis armatic Bellare interea Intercia ? ..vis operari tange annulum cum saliva tua et dicit o vos spiritus qurum nomina ? inclusa coniuro vos per ipsum cui principalier debetis obedire...

mihi obedieret mihi aparere in forma humana ...)] [ terrible crude figure f. Hic est liber qui est majus jocale, a Deo datum omni alio jocali exceptis sacramentis.

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[prayers to the angels of the moon and the sun (rogo vos et exorcizo per nomen Dei.... Hic est liber quem nulla lex habe nisi Christiana, et si habet, nil sibi prodest.

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