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my shoulders fell, my pulse slowed, and i dropped into his couch in complete decompression. hh..................i heave a sigh of complete relief. i had the best weekend i can remember in (i want to say) YEARS. i have saved in my brain images from along the train tracks from various areas starting between buffalo and rochester, and stretching through some pretty neglected and beautiful patches out by schenectady and albany. speaking of school, someone from FCI called me the other day to ask me if i wanted an empty seat in the spring session starting april 28th. i did just make lori angry at me by telling her i found tony on this lame ass dating site.i dearly miss my job reading gas meters out in the sticks.

friday night's cinco de mayo festivities were wonderful but remain just a warm-up to last night and today. just good clean dancin fun....tonight i go out with allen. while i would kill to get this joint started all quick-like, i have plans to go home with lori memorial day weekend and see my friends, my folks, and even hit up a family reunion in SPRINGVILLE (yessssss... it was lovely to spend excruciatingly hot days driving around in a short pickup truck with windows down, catching tons of sunshine and learning face-first about country life.

you see, like a dorkus malorkus, i am insanely crazy for this guy Allen that i met last weekend. those memories contribute to my constant insatiable craving for cherry popsicles, dirt parking lots that pouf when you drive crumbling through them, and lemonade from little waxed dixie cups. hopefully one day soon i will be able to hide there for a time, after school but before the homesick daydreaming i've been doing over the last few months has just got to come out.

he's a big wide-chested and strong man from Panama with a sexy half-accent, friendly eyes, a nice smile, and sex appeal like i've never experienced. if you want to know every last fond palpable memory from my childhood, read on.

maybe i'll run into him at school and get to tell him that he deserved what he got and did a fine ass job staying true and humble. ahhhhhhh.........i just had a nice mini-blowup with my boss. honestly, if i would have studied last thursday and not gone to a bar and gotten drunk with ambrose, maybe i would have remembered what "Sauce Chausseur" is. once at work, i busted my ass hard and had a good, honest, productive day. it works for the place and the people i'm in charge of, and the people "in charge" of me, things are weird and annoying of course.

and i'm going to keep on with my job the way it is for now, at least until things get shitty for real, and not just frustrating adjustment period shitty. adding stress that is getting in the way of the school and study time that i need. my boss is showing just how hot/cold, passive/aggressive, mean/nice, rational/completely bonkers she can be. it POURED this morning, which annoyed everyone it seems except myself. unfortunately before long it turned to sunshine a little too quick, making an awful stink, and a sticky stink at that. the both of them happily let me play the music as i see fit.

we hung out last night, and somewhere between him calling me and telling me he was home and i could come over, and me calling him and telling him that i was outside his house and to come get me, i started freaking out thinking about how i had never gone on 3 dates with the same person, and that SURELY this would be the end of it all, and that i must have done SOMETHING at this point to repulse and repel. i feel like i can't get enough him, physically and otherwise. i plan to blow the roof off with some house for a few hours, and then drop some fonky ass hip-rock-soulful-bumpin-ass shit. right now my teeth are killing me, i just wolfed some ben and jerry's, and i'm debating going i'm listening to this old track dear lovelies (even skottey that skunk juggler)i may bless myself with a nice rice camera this year for my birthday.

as soon as i got to him, and up his stairs into his place, i felt myself flushing in the face, and had to immediately tell him that i was freaking out and that i am insane and neurotic and insecure about the whole thing. we can actually talk, to the point of where we spent more time talking and less time making out/fooling around. we squeeze and push and bite and giggle and scratch and go "hmmmmm" a lot, all with our clothes on like good boys. its so very much on friday we're going to be rockstars, go out and get a little naughty and debaucherous, you know, just a little bit... today on the a train, these girls started staring at me a giggling. and i realized that the gym shorts i was wearing, and i never EVER wear gym shorts for anything but jogging and cleaning, did not leave a single thing to the imagination. but every one i try to use is too to get ready.lovejpfeel free to listenfeel free to stare. a stressful daya lovely nap, a little too longa lit-tle bit... he's snuggly and passionate and a good kisser and has a good job and likes good also has a really hot accent, and i heard him talk to his mom on the phone in (that syrupy sweet sexy central american tropical) spanish. i think i might even not get too @#$%&$% on friday night to remian fresh for new favorite website about abandoned things in buffalobe sure to keep going "older". makes me sentimental, especially about that party behind Tifft Farms.laura and rose are having a big old blowout this friday. i have a long list of self birthday splurges that i need to get off my chest:new cameratattoo school shoesa real haircutnew headshells and needles from turntable labcomputer insurancebut i'm all over the camera idea.

fortunately, he agreed with me, that i AM completely crazy and was i going to lose my mind and act like a retard come the fourth date? he actually "gets it", something i never even considered when blindly friendster-ing him back and forth. i want to get drunk and rough house and yell, and make out on the corner of houston and essex, drunk as a skunk at 3 am, in the rain, like the whole world doesn't i'm sitting in "the other naidre's", listening to "Pink Moon" for the 800th time, watching Ambrose Ambulatory Cattle Prod Brose wait on the cream of the Carroll Gardens crop, carefully dodging th kitchen manager that's "mad" at me over disciplining Gonzalo, and drinking an iced sinful delight with lots of milk and sugar waiting to hopefully go for a nice long walk and buy my school shoes and blow my gift certificate for Broadway Panhandler. but i'm not counting my chickens before they hatch. so of course the train was stuck in the station and there are 5 girls laughing and kee keeing all the way to hoyt-schermerhorn. i had to pull the backpack in the front trick just to keep myself from giggling back. maybe not a good idea, but, school is so achingly soon.i met a dude. i wish i would have had one on my trip home from buffalo. unfortunately i am without the cajones to go prowling around empty warehouses alone. maybe an escape trip to buffalo this summer for some grain elevator adventures?!?!!

2 weeks of aggravation, frustration, and putting my temper to the test are finally about to be over. remind me to move to san francisco when i'm done with school. i have to be there in an hour and a half and i'm still in bed watching golden girls and smoking. too many reasons to be happy.lovejp Friday, February 1st, 2002p five items you have brand loyalty to.- cigarettes- my pipe- strictly rhythm recordings- my vespoli belt from high school- laura's mom's bootsfive phrases you use.- fuckin...- *click*- oh yeah? (and sister)love, Bump Mc Grind i had a decent day at work.

time to wash dishes and wash floors and sweep, and listen to al green, maybe have some nice beer. well time to wash one layer of sweat away only to replaced by a new one. i'm sick of work and how i'm letting it eat away at me. and the last thing i want is to sling cheap sandwiches to the upper crust.allen comes back in a week. he's eating Nobu every day, it's hot as hell, and he's having drinks with his folks every night. ugh.unfortunately its off to naidre's i go, to get angry and dirty and stressed 7 hours is really nothing to complain about.

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