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Camus joined the activities of the Algerian People's Party (Le Parti du Peuple Algérien), which got him into trouble with his Communist party comrades, who in 1937 denounced him as a Trotskyite and expelled from the party.Camus then became associated with the French anarchist movement.The anarchist André Prudhommeaux first introduced him at a meeting in 1948 of the Cercle des Étudiants Anarchistes (Anarchist Student Circle) as a sympathiser familiar with anarchist thought.Camus wrote for anarchist publications such as Le Libertaire, La révolution Proletarienne, and Solidaridad Obrera (Workers' Solidarity), the organ of the anarcho-syndicalist CNT (National Confederation of Labor).; 7 November 1913 – 4 January 1960) was a French philosopher, author, and journalist.His views contributed to the rise of the philosophy known as absurdism.He wrote in his essay The Rebel that his whole life was devoted to opposing the philosophy of nihilism while still delving deeply into individual freedom. His father, Lucien, a poor agricultural worker of Alsatian descent, was wounded in the Battle of the Marne in 1914 during World War I, while serving as a member of the Zouave infantry regiment.Lucien died in a makeshift army hospital from his wounds on 11 October.

In 1923, Camus was accepted into the Lycée Bugeaud and eventually was admitted to the University of Algiers.After he contracted tuberculosis in 1930, he had to end his football activities; he had been a goalkeeper for a prominent Algerian university team. To earn money, he took odd jobs: as a private tutor, car parts clerk, and assistant at the Meteorological Institute.He completed his licence de philosophie (BA) in 1936; in May 1936, he successfully presented his thesis on Plotinus, "Rapports de l'hellénisme et du christianisme à travers les oeuvres de Plotin et de saint Augustin" ("Relationship of Greek and Christian thought in Plotinus and St. Camus joined the French Communist Party in early 1935, seeing it as a way to "fight inequalities between Europeans and 'natives' in Algeria." He did not suggest he was a Marxist or that he had read Das Kapital, but did write, "We might see communism as a springboard and asceticism that prepares the ground for more spiritual activities." In 1936, the independence-minded Algerian Communist Party (PCA) was founded.Claire Andoun, sors de l'abomination du "Holiness Movement", reviens sur la Bonne Voie ET SOIS DELIVREE DES ESPRITS DE DIVINATION ET DES ESPRITS MASCULINS ET D'AUTORITE QUI AMENENT LES FEMMES A ENSEIGNER LA BIBLE ET A SEDUIRE (AU NOM DE JESUS-CHRIST!!! v=mg56npo Zl Fw Jesus Christ TV diffuse en DIRECT et en CONTINU 7 jours sur 7, 24 heures sur 24.CLIQUEZ SUR CE LIEN POUR ACCEDER: - Diffusion en direct de Jesus Christ TV du 29 Mars 2013Inspiré par le SAINT ESPRIT pour apporter cette parole écrite dans la Bible ( 1Corinthiens 11 ), en rappelant au bien aimés de ce soumettre à toute la parole de DIEU YHWH si nous aimons DIEU YHWH, JÉSUS-CHRIST.

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