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Thence he directed his steps by the valley of the Marne and Seine towards Paris, in the hope that he might induce the French to fight. he encamped near Athis-Mons and Ablon, and on the 24th drew up in order of battle between Villejuif and Paris. But though the English army was so near that the smoke of the burning villages was visible from Paris, Charles V would not permit the French to offer battle. In 1388, together with John de Cobham, he rebuilt and endowed the bridge and chantry at Rochester; the bridge was destroyed in 1856 (Eulog. On the 25th the English marched off towards Normandy, and on the 29th sacked St. Knolles was much hampered by dissensions in his army. The young nobles thought it a slight to be under the orders of one whom they regarded as an adventurer. In 1380 he joined with Sir John Hawkwood and Calveley in the foundation of an English hospital at Rome (Harl. Luce does not think Knolles took part in the expedition; it is certain that he defeated and took prisoner Bertrand du Guesclin at Pas d'Evran in Brittany, near the end of 1359 (Hist. 303), but Knolles was certainly present at the battle of Najara, 3 April, when he came , Pol. When in 1369 the war broke out anew in Aquitaine, Knolles equipped a small force, and, embarking at Conq in April, landed at Rochelle and joined the Prince of Wales at Angoulême. His partial ill-success on that occasion was due to prejudices which he could scarcely have controlled, and he seems to have possessed some of the qualities of a true general as distinguished from a merely skilful soldier. v.] in his reconnoitre and capture of Navaretta in Alava (LUCE, vii. Froissart alludes to Knolles as one of those who were taken prisoners on that occasion (vii. On 2 May we hear of Knolles at Burgos (Fœdera, iii. He returned with the prince to France, and soon after went back to Brittany. The Chandos herald calls him ‘a man of few words’ (ed. The struggle between the partisans of John de Montfort and Charles de Blois continued in spite of the peace, and Knolles remained in Brittany to support the former (cf. Charles de Blois was defeated and slain, Du Guesclin captured, and John de Montfort secured in possession of the duchy, a result largely due to the valour of Knolles, who took prisoner the Count of Auxerre ( i. He crossed the pass of Roncevaux with the third battle on 17 Feb., and joined Sir Thomas Felton [q. He was still with Felton in his successful skirmish against Henry of Trastamare, but was not present at his defeat a few days after. Knolles was married to his wife Constantia before 1360 (Fœdera, iii. Leland says that she was a native of Pontefract and ‘a woman of mene birth and sometime of a dissolute lyvyng before marriage’ (Itinerary, i. But her arms, ‘argent a fess dancette between three pards' faces sable,’ are those of the Yorkshire family of Beverley, to which she perhaps belonged (Coll. was joined with Sir Walter Hewett and Sir Richard Burlegh in command of the first division. The common statement that he was a knight of the Garter is not substantiated ( [Froissart's Chroniques, ed.

In September 1364 he was with De Montfort at the siege of Auray in high command. Dying a few days after her husband, she was buried by his side. Sir Robert's name most usually appears in contemporary English writers as Knolles, but Knollis, Knowles, and Knollys also occur. Littéraire), and next year was with Louis of Navarre in Auvergne, where they plundered the Bourbonnais and all the country between the Loire and Allier. He vainly offered battle before Noyon, and, after crossing the Oise and Aisne, made a demonstration before Rheims. 1407), military commander, was a native of Cheshire. 286), and Malverne says that he was sprung ‘quasi de infimo genere’ (ap. 372); but, despite such expressions, Knolles was probably of honourable parentage. 463–5, Rolls Ser.) He then went to besiege Domfront, and in September attempted to join the Prince of Wales in Poitou, but found the Loire so strongly guarded that he had to return (Chron. Knolles declared that he fought neither for the king of England nor for Charles of Navarre, but for himself alone, and displayed on his devices the legend— In October 1358 he captured the castle of Châteauneuf-sur-Loire, and on 10 March 1359 the town of Auxerre, which he sacked and held till 30 April, exacting an enormous ransom. v.] might receive a pardon in like terms to the one granted to Knolles (, p. Domme was next besieged for fifteen days without success, but after sending for reinforcements they captured Gramat, Fons, Rocamadour, and Villefranche. The French were contemplating an invasion of Wales, and Edward III had therefore decided on two counter expeditions to France. In London he was a liberal benefactor to the house of the Carmelites at Whitefriars, and in Norfolk he rebuilt the churches of Sculthorpe and Harpley; but his chief foundation was a college and hospital for a master, six priests, and thirteen poor men and women, at Pontefract, which was known as ‘Knolles' Almeshouse.’ The college was endowed with 180l. Walsingham calls him ‘pauper mediocrisque valletus’ (Hist. On the estate of Lea was entailed on Hugh, David, and Robert, sons of Richard (it should be David) de Calvylegh, while in the inquisition held on the death of Mabel de Calvylegh in 1361, ‘Robert Knollus chivaler’ is included in the entail with Hugh and David de Calveley [see , Cheshire, p. That there was some special connection between Calveley and Knolles seems to be proved by the appearance of Knolles's arms on Calveley's tomb, while Calveley's arms appear with those of Knolles at Sculthorpe, Norfolk; the arms of Sir Hugh Browe, whom we know to have been a cousin of Knolles, also appear on Calveley's tomb. Knolles was soon released, and, remaining in Brittany, acquired great renown as a soldier. Froissart wrongly states that he was with Philip of Navarre before St. In July Chandos was recalled, and Knolles, refusing to remain without him, returned to Angoulême. One of these was to land at Calais, and Knolles had been chosen as its commander. a year, from land chiefly in London and Norfolk; it was dissolved at the Reformation, but the almshouse, revived in 1563, still exists (, Funerall Monuments, p.

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