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ODDWORLD: ABE'S ODDYSEE takes every game genre you've ever seen and blends them into one seamless, surreal, sensory overload of pure gaming. Member Volume 9, #7: July Issue; GAMEPRO" (ISSN 1042-8668) is published monthly lor 95 per year by IDG Communi- cations. Doug Grayson Desloge, MO ^RESIDENT Evil ['m a devoted Abraham Lin- Icoln fan who was deeply of- nded by the Lame Pro feature I your April issue. at the En- ter Name screen to be invinci- ^- ble in the Wreckin' Racing and \V^ Stock Car modes. According to sources at Capcom of Japan the game was delayed because chey didn't like what had been done and decided to redo it. ___^____^_^ - A living polymer suit that protects ^BM^ ''*r"'~'~~— — from piercing projectiles. CD-i is a Reoistered Tradi ■ — ' ' uonsumet electronics company Alan Jaguar is a Registered Trademark ol Alan Corp Neo^eo is a Reoislerc SNK Home Entenainment, Inc Pnnled in Ihe US A Vi PA. Whenever they added something new, someone would say "How freakin' cool is that? Here are some ofthe things you asked for (the game that does this is in parentheses): ■ More ways to block, counter, and reverse moves (Virtua Fighter) ■ More detailed and planned combo systems (Killer Instinct) • Innovative new fighting styles using weapons (Soul Blade) More game interaction with the background (Killer In- stinct, Fighting Vipers) • Finishing moves executed during gameplay (KI2, UMK3) Apparently the game compa- nies were listening! ^ "Iron man" via Internet .t^^"* ITmai Resident Evil fans will have to wait a little longer for the sequel as Resident Evil 2 has been delayed until next year. An arsenal of totally innovative weapons and equipment including: - A helmet-mounted sniper rifle that tar- gets enemies from over two miles away. All submissions including, but nol limited to, aitwoik, te»t, photogia-i- — ' videotapes become the prapetty ol the publisher Submissions cannol be leturned, senders should retain a copy Ihe GA^ and NETPRO' names and logos are registered Itademariis ol IDG Communralions, Inc Nintendo 64 Super Nintendo Nr Virtual Boy and Game Boy are Registered Trademarks ol Nintendo ot America, Inc Seoa Salum 32X r,sit I"' Sony Play Station is a Registered Trademark ol Sony Computer lintertainmeiit ol America 3D0 is a Registered Trademark ol The 3D0 Company. CA, and al additional mailing offices POST- MASTER; Send address changes lo GAMEPRO. "Lestat64" via Internet Bro' Buzz replies: An Eldos Interactive represen- tative explained that this is the company's Inside joke and refers to when they were de- signing the game. Your January '94 issue starts off with a "Letter from the Came Pros" that's called "The Fight Has Only Just Begun." It gave game companies some ways to im- prove fighting games. Fully reactive "smart enemies" think, listen, and communicate in a calculated assault on your life. All ngh B reseive O Reprodiiclion in whole or iiart wllhoul poor iher IS prohibitefl. CA 94404; An l OG Company The World's Leader In Inlorma- tion Services On Inlormalion Technology Penodical postage paid al San Mateo. Try com- municating your idea to a soft- ware company that makes the kind of game you're talking about (Electronic Arts, Sega, and Namco all do racing games). On the last page of the instruction booklet are the let- ters HFCII Is it a code for the game, or is it just there to gas your head up? ^ '' • The most sophisticated enemy artificial intelligence ever created. Hoffert Shelly Reimer Cathie Burgyan Suzanne Mc Closkey Bill Horan Natale Russo Irene Basurto Wtpro is here! Marketing Director Elaine M, Starling Marketing Manager Erin Gaffaney Marketing/Advertising Coordinator Sara Wood Marketing Intern Yeon Kim SPO MUSIC.^ MOVIES/ VIDEO WMES.'V President and CEO Executive Assistant to ttie President Vice President and Associate Publisher Executive Assistant John F. Ferrell C|atfl Qdins i Spfcams l OG Communications, Inc. Ridln' with real National Hot Rod Association drivers would be cool. GAMEPRO ^^ July 1897 I own the PC version of Tomb Raider. Aware Lifetorms In Virtual Entertainment Odffww W IWiaattfiis «K s Ot Wysee IM i O 1997 Olt Wwld LWriairawm Inc a/U/a OMwof U hiha OHanis All RIglits Reswwl Pu Oli Sli M and tfsth Bu Iw J by GT hittfactlve Sonviare C«p Ptey Sia Wxi and tfie Play SQUW Logo aie Irademarte ol So™"="\'"f ® '997 Shiny Entertainmenl, Inc. Alien controlled mobile mining cities are strip-mining the earth's surface overrunning and crushing anything in their path... PLAYSTATION GAME OF THE YEAR III -Gm Em ■ Fully 3-D rendered graphics unlike any- thing you have ever before seen. ■ Never before seen "sniper mode" that allows you to zoom in on the enemy and pick it off with astounding accuracy. • Two styles of adrenaline- pumping game dynamics featuring first and third person point of view. Rousseau Edilor-in-Chief Wes Nihel Creative Director Francis Mao E3'97 ATLANTA Mar}aging Editor Senior Editors Senior Associate Editor Assistant Editor Copy Editor Editorial Intern Online Development Manager Online Producer/Editor Assistant Online Editor Senior Designer Art Intern Senior Production Manager Assistant Production Manager Senior Production Coordinator Director ol Circulation Newsstand Sales Manager Circulation/Distribution Specialist Circulation Specialist Kathy Skaggs Lawrence Neves Mike Weigand Paul Curthoys Jon Robinson Bretl Rector Lindsay Young Jlli Cook Todd Barnes Janice Yenpasook Cliarmaine Conui Claudia Fung Susanna E. Sours Leona Ching Terry Gering Fran Fox Lynn Luis Nancy Durlester Rob Rubright Bobby Galea Staci Colaclcco Patrick J. 'avid Miller independence, KS Air Hendrix replies: You're right. ; = u If "^^'^W*'- Your planet is being bulldozed by the ton. The Uorld's Uraest Uut Upltll Mm Sm Ull Uagaiine Publisher John F. Finance and Operations Senior Financial Analyst Senior Accounting Coordinator Director ol Manufacturing Manufacturing Manager Office Services Supervisor/ hi^,.„„,b "'ii Djpjsti-ator Help Desk Specialist Facilities Coordinator Receptionist Brian F. Changi ol Aildms Please send old label and new address to GAMEPRO. There ire already plenty of Daytona nd Indy-style games. Artwork and design Play Station ® ' fj Playmates Interactive Entenainment Inc PIE™ ,s a registered trademark of Playmates Interactive Entertainment Inc. Play Station and 1 .,, 'he Play Station logos are trademarks of Sony Computer Enlertainmenl Inc. It could ' ave real NHRA drivers and full racing season of head- -head competition.

You don't know how I your video game situa- |tion is in America. 76 Star Fox64 Out-of-this-world spaceship shooter action makes Fox one of the i best N64 games yet! NWO Worid Tour 38 Wild 9s 47 Wild Arms 96 Worid Series Baseball '98 (Genesis) 67 Worid Series Baseball '98 (Saturn) 66 Worldwide Soccer '98 67 Xevious3D/G 88 XMenvs Street Fighter 44 When t O ffnd gai MS, Sp OTl S, m USl C, Yoshis Island 64 36 movles, and more on the Internet! Here in ICermany, violent games like [Doom and Mortal Kombat are ^banned, meaning stores can't |sel! Other gam- |ing drawbacks in Cermany in- Iclude a total absence of RPCs rand America Online charges |that are a minimum of per our! (Little alien caskets sold separately.) POWERED By XEVIOUS ™ 3D/Gt ® 1997 Narnco ltd All rii|lils reseiv BCl Play Stalion and llie Play Slation logos ave Irader hyper-amplified sound s stereo S U T T U H d sound and built-in SUb woofer •^1 enhanced video Q'^^Phl CS Liiniu powe /i 1 (1 '■ 5gi "api- ICS (play it «d p© hoyp rums open low emissions 13 " color ^^^ Funcc Aand ^LJ 1° ao D ore infoi dial so simple ill Game Pro _Reoder$' Choice / awards / 30 Ga/ne Pro Readers' Choice Awards You picked the best games of 1996! Here's an insider's sneak peek at some of the hot games featured at the Electronic Entertainment Expo! Resident Evil2 41 ^V Return Fire II 46 ^v Return to Krondor 58 ^ft Riven 58 ^m' Robotron X 39 9A Rush Hour 89 San Francisco Rush 35 ^^k Saturn Bomberman 52 ^^m Shadow Master 47 ^^K Shadow Warrior 58 ^^P Shining the Holy Ark 68 *»** Sky Target 51 32 Sonic Jam 50 ^_^ Sonic the Hedgehog 52 ^B, Speed Tribes 48 Hv Starcraft 58 '"*- Star Fox 64 36, 76 ^ J| Star Trek: Rrst Contact 58 34 Star Trek: Starfleet Academy 58 Steel Reign 43 Supemian 39 Super Street Fighter II Collection 46 Tail of the Sun 98 Tekken 3 40 Ten Pin Alley 52 Telrisphear 39 71 Tomb Raider2 44 ' ' Top Gear Rally 39 Total Annihilation 58 Treasures of the Deep 46 Tviinsen's Odyssey 58 T9 Ultima Online 58 U«ra Combat 39 Unreal 58 Uprising 68 Virtua Fighter 3 52 VR Football 67 VR Hockey 65 VS 48 Wanted: Dead or Alive 52 Warcraft II: The Dark Saga 42 Warcraft Adventures 58 Warcraft Adventures: The Lord of the Clans 56 WCWNifo 48 WCW vs. The Ratings IRUCKUS I read in your April issue about the game-rating ; symbols (such as Teen, Ma- nure, and Kids to Adults) used ' in America (see "Letter From the Came Pros," April). Before com- ■ plaining, you should know how Jt is in other countries. • Crash Bandicoot 2 ^ • Duke Nukem 3D ^ Warcraft II • Blasto • Croc WORLD'S LARGEST MULTIPLATFORM GAMING MAGAZINE « Nintendo 64's Best Yet? STRATEGIES Street j Fighter III Mega Man 8 Netpro WCW vs. LL: r • Final Fantasy VII ' S * Last Bronx • Castlevania e • MLB '98 • Mace: The Dark Age Z • Fighting Force • Sonic lam B . No word yet on when Duke Forever and Quake 11 will be released, but as part of the deal, GT Interactive scored all the PC and console publish- ing rights to Duke Forever and the next Duke game, tentatively titled Duke Nukem 5. Klrby Superstar (Super NES): 4% Toy Story (Super NES): 4% 5. The edi- tors also voted Super Mario RPG the best RPG of the year and the eighth-best RPG of all time in the 100th issue (see January). The creatures walk the Earth, disguised in human form and collecting followers as they wait for the Reverend's signal to annihilate the planet. the next round of Duke mayhem will sport the same kind of impressive 3D graphics and gameplay that helped make Quake a hit. Triple Play Gold Edition (Genesis); 2% Best Role-Playing Game Nintendo's 16-bit baby blew away the 32-bit contenders to prove that sometimes less is more. Jam will also con- tain a 3D Sonic world that's basically a huge museum show- ing off what Sonic games might look like in the future. Sega revealed Last Bronx for Saturn, the port of the pop- Last Bronx destination: Saturn EAMEPRO Czi) July 1887 i MMVSl MQyil '[email protected]/- ryri TT/fr^ja Published by Eldos Interac Uve Developed by Core Designs Available June : -A GAMEPRO (a T) July 1197 Play S Apocalypse In Apocalypse, a man known as the Reverend uses the pow- ers of religion and science to summon the Four Horsemen: Death, Plague, War, and The Beast.

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For gamers, that means The upcoming sequel to Duke Nulcem will use the same game engine as Quake II. NFL Quarterback Club '96 (Genesis): 3% International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (Super NES): 3% College Football USA '97 (Genesis): 3% 7. Tecmo's Deception (Play Station): 8% Beyond the Beyond (Play Station): 8% 4. Legend of Oasis (Saturn): 5% Lufia2(Super NES):5% 6. Revelations: Persona (Play Station): 3% Worst Game The one category nobody wanted to win, but Viacom did with its monstrous game that had read- ers yelling, "Aaahhl! The game, called Sonic Jam, is a compilation of the original Mega Drive (Cenesis) trilogy (which is actually four games if you count the Sonic & Knuck- les add-on).

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