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Its backlit keyboard sits slightly indented into an aluminium surround with clean and smooth lines.On the bottom right-band corner there's a fingerprint reader which saves you having to remember and type in passwords.

The screen size means the base can fit a traditional number pad on the right-hand side which reduces its portability.

The HP Envy 15 sits halfway between a cheap student workhorse, a very low-end gaming laptop and an office laptop.

It's suitable for families who need a jack-of-all-trades machine that can take a bit of a beating; it can do a spot of gaming, watch DVDs and surf the web too.

It would equally suit students who mainly sit in libraries or at home churning through research papers.

While it's not a touchscreen model, it's comparable with Levono's latest office workhorse Thinkpad Yoga 15.

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However, HP's inclusion of four USB 3.0 ports, a DVD burner and an ethernet port could sway some users but could equally put others off who prefer simplicity and regard their inclusion as surplus to requirements.

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