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, and although, at the time, we didn’t think we could make it through a whole week, we made it—although our hearts are still hurting from the turn of events on this week’s episode.

Read on for all of the juicy details in our latest recap!

Before the big reveal of the remaining idol stars’ secret camera picks, we’re taken back to Jun. Of course he does, and before we know it, it’s Jun. K, well aware of what this scene means to women everywhere, says to Hyejeong, who is recording all of this, “Filming isn’t important right now.

K and Hyejeong’s seaside date, where the AOA member notices a piano perched ever so conveniently on the rooftop (where else? K to the rescue as he wraps his coat around Hyejeong’s legs to prevent any potential wardrobe malfunctions on her climb up. K struggles a little to figure out the best way to complete the task at hand, but he’s definitely determined to get it right. K serenades Hyejeong with Yoo Jae Ha’s Because I Love You (*Adds song to ‘Potential Wedding Songs’ playlist*) as she captures it all on camera and roll the lovey dovey scenes from the couple’s date up to this point. K attempts to bring to life every girl’s dream scene of seeing her boyfriend…park in reverse (We’re so easy to please, aren’t we, ladies? You have to watch.” Although we’d rather he let his actions speak for itself in this moment, the romantic dream lives on as Jun.

K backs the car up effortlessly…into the wrong parking spot. Before we can be too disappointed by the fail, however, we cut to 4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun and ZE: A’s Hyung Sik in the car, where she reveals the song she had hoped to hear during the music shuffle, Yurisangja’s A Blue Night on Jeju Island.

Cue the song and scenes of the other couples smiling and enjoying themselves on their respective dates.

Then we cut to scenes of the idol stars filming their secret camera picks, and we’re reminded that there is still unfinished business, aka the halftime selections, to attend to.

Back in the girls’ room on the night of the halftime selection, Jei and Hyejeong, who have both been on dates with Jun.

Such situations may be awkward in real life, maybe, but on reality TV, anything flies. K oppa,” to which Hyejeong responds, “Nice…Everyone is so nice, and I don’t like that.” Jei says, “That’s why JB worries me too.” “I really like him,” continues Hyejeong, presumably referring to Jun. It, of course, doesn’t help when Hyejeong says, “But he’s really romantic, and it was really nice. She adds salt to the wound by adding, “He’s great at leading, he knows the mood, but the problem is that because he knows my heart is leaning that way, he’s a little too fast and too much.” Jei then says, “That’s why there’s also something about feeling rushed and feeling like we’re going to get close really quickly.” “I’m really curious about the boys,” says Jei. But, of course, the boys are in la la land, literally, sleeping like babies without a care in the world in the next room. K would pick if he could do it all over again, Jun.

Since the boys won’t make for much conversation, we return to the girls’ room, where Nam Ji Hyun has joined the others and says, “I’m really curious about JB,” while Jei says, “I’m also curious about Mir.” Hyejeong then jumps in and says, “They asked me who I thought Mir would pick, and I said I thought it’d be Ji Hyun unnie.” Then Jei adds, “He would be cute as a younger brother…or would he be a headache? K sticks by his guns and chooses Hyejeong — although we’re not completely convinced he means it. K’s back again, but in the blink of an eye, Mir’s face appears on the screen…and pause. As everyone back on the lawn expresses shock, we can’t help but notice JB, in particular, who has a huge grin on his face, perhaps basking in the unexpected turn of events?

” As the word “destiny” rings in our ears, we’re going to have to go with the latter in this moment. Now it’s Hyejeong’s turn to reveal her pick, and she says, “It was hard.”And after being interrupted by Jun. Like the other idols, Mir is also shocked by her choice, and says in his interview, albeit with a huge smile on his face, “She picked me, this kid…Jadu. It’s weird…But, to be honest, I was really worried.

Hyejeong seems to agree as she says, “Yes, my head hurts.”Nam Ji Hyun is also on the same wavelength, saying “If it’s not a deep relationship, it’s a good relationship. K and Mir, both whom she’s coincidentally gone on dates with thus far, during her interview, we cut to her secret camera footage, where the camera focuses on JB for a moment, but we know better than to fall for that. K, and we cut back to Hyejeong’s interview, where she gushes about their recent date. My dad watches a lot of TV with my grandmother, and I was thinking, what kind of excuse should I give if I don’t get picked. But because I was picked, I was touched.” He continues, “I was more touched than when we won number one.” And when one of the staff members tells Mir that Hyejeong’s ideal type is someone humorous, Mir says, “She’s totally fallen head over heels for me,” as the staff members burst into laughter. K, Hyejeong says, “Maybe it’s because I’m only 20 years old, but being romantic is, shall I say, a little awkward for me?

I think if it were a deep relationship, my head would hurt.” Ouch (no pun intended). ”“Hyejeong is really cute [She’s] innocent and honest. I think I really liked those images.” In his personal interview, Jun. So, I think I felt a little burdened.” With only three more idols left to reveal their picks, we’re provided with a helpful diagram illustrating who’s picked who so far, but unfortunately, no couples have come of the halftime selection. ” We’re afraid of what we’ll see at this point too.

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The 4minute member then turns the topic back to JB and says she thinks he picked Jei because they had a fun date to which Jei says they did enjoy a “date-like date” (…whatever that means) before adding “After all of this, if everything gets tangled up, it’s going to be a headache.” We’re bracing ourselves too, Jei. K says, “Jei looked pissed,” before adding, “But in that moment, images of her with JB suddenly came to me, and I thought, ‘Why did she pick me then? We still have hope, however, as we turn our attention now to Mir. Alas, the show must go on and footage from Mir’s secret camera begins to play. “He keeps saying it’s destiny, but I don’t feel it.

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