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Many theories surround the origins of this traditional sport, however there is no convincing evidence due to the lack of oral tradition among native Muisca and the lack of archaeological records that could indicate its actual origins.

There is not one widely accepted theory on the origins of tejo.

In fact, it is believed that many of the current theories circulating on the internet might be fictitious and a result of "word of mouth" and speculation.

It is, however, widely accepted that the sport has origins in native aboriginals from the center of Colombia, where it might have been played in a similar form.

Another theory presented by the Colombian government on its website describes the game as having originated more than 500 years ago.

In this theory, presented by one of the most important authorities in the country, the sport was played by native aboriginal people that would use a golden disc called zepguagoscua.

This, however, is refuted in other sources as a word with sounds not existent in dictionaries of Chibcha language.

Tejo is a sport much appreciated by the popular strata of society.

Only soccer enjoys a more numerous following and developed industry in the country.

Note that Tejo, originating in Colombia, has professional teams in neighbor countries including Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama.

As the cultural baggage of the sport is foreign to those countries, their following and industry are much less developed than in its country of origin.

Depending on the context, Tejo can be played in either a formal or informal sense from collecting points to professional championship tournaments.

The game consists of throwing a metal puck/disc, weighing approximately 680 grams, across an alley at a distance of approximately twenty metres, to a one metre by one metre board covered with clay and set at a forty-five degree angle. The posts are located at every extreme of the field.

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