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He says it may be due to the fact it’s no longer “news”, that because people are not dramatically dying from it any longer, the media keeps away from the subject.Hence, his desire for and the creation of Volttage dot com (Volttage.com).

POZ Magazine recognition for "2012 Calendar for the Cure" benefiting amf AR which he entirely sponsored, created, posed for and sold and which he raised 4500 US dollars net which he gave to the famous organization entirely.Considering he is not a wealthy man, that is very impressive and worth underlining. If every concerned person gave such an effort to HIV research and helping those with the illness in need, it’d be a much better world obviously.Jack Mackenroth refers to himself as a “Gay-lebrity” and feels that he has not yet made it into the big time of media to expand on the Aids Crisis issues which is still amongst the world community and not just the gay community.A Valentine’s Day clip from Matt Baume: “How’d you meet the people you love?I asked my followers how they met their partners, and they sent me some really sweet stories.

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“Positively Sexy Guys.” That’s the tag line that’s meant to attract a host of members to the Web’s newest HIV-positive social networking site,

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