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Mostra o ponto selecionado, a programação de largura e comprimento, o calcador indicado, se o pedal está conectado, se o corte de linha automático está programado e se o enchedor de bobina está sendo utilizado. 60 tipos de pontos: – 7 caseados automáticos de 1 passo com sensor – 3 pontos de aplique tipo caseadinho – pontos decorativos e utilitários (incluindo 2 pontos tipo overlock) Uma grande característica de economia de tempo para começar a costurar rapidamente.O design avançado mantém o enfiador fixo para que o posicionamento da linha fique mais fácil e rápido.

5) Sell your relationship (and your understanding of the other person's needs), not just your expertise in isolation.Your boss or client has three choices and you are the last: to do nothing, to do it themselves, or to use you.Focus on being the first choice every time.6) Execute with passion--and if you are a super-geek or nerd that does not have a high social IQ, form a partnership with a super-popular person and put them in front.What I enjoyed most about this book was the idea that services should be viewed as something to sell, just like a product.I found I wanted to hand it to several local businesses and even some larger corporations, because if more people behaved like this, we'd all enjoy our business interactions so much more.

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My only complaint is that in business terms, it's been awhile since it's been written.

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