Gay friendly dating sites like grindr

Those who are sensitive regarding frank discussions about sex are invited to click elsewhere, but consider this: If you are outraged by content that addresses sex openly and honestly, I invite you to examine this outrage and ask yourself whether it should instead be directed at those who oppress us by policing our sexuality. And feel free to leave your own suggestions for sex and dating topics in the comments. Follow me on Twitter @Bad Alex Cheves and visit my blog, Before anyone tries to convince you that bathhouses are no fun — that they are filled with creepy onlookers and tweaked-out drug addicts — go to one.

Go to Steamworks in Chicago or Berkeley, Club Dallas, or any of the Flex spas across the country.

We do it on the subway and in the office and anywhere a handsome gentleman might lift his shirt to wipe sweat off his forehead.

In our minds, we lift his shirt the rest of the way and tug on the brim of his trousers with our teeth.

If you make eye contact with him and discover (wordlessly and without complete certainty) that you are both interested, then voila! Now all you have to do is work up the courage to talk to him, give him your number, or nod to the exit.

The following hookup may happen in your apartment, in a public restroom, or in the alley out back.

Wherever you choose, you are engaging in an art that gay and bi men have been perfecting for decades.

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