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Fortunately for those that are just curious the site is, on the surface at least, free to use, allowing you to browse and search for other users in a limited capacity.There is no mention of cost on sign-up, but like many others earns its keep through premium additional features, such as its messaging service.In order to send and view messages users must pay for one of several packages starting at £19.99 per month, or pay for up front for 12 months for £5 per month.While the payment plans may seem a tad high, the site needs to make a profit — however once signed up it isn’t easy to cancel according to the experiences of PCGames N’s Steve Hogarty. As with many popular dating sites, the number of returning paying users is often relative to the trust that particular site/brand has.With Unless these women are attracted to a man who looks like a default IM icon it’s safe to assume that these are fake accounts and/or bots.

However, it would seem that finding your perfect partner via the ‘usual’ dating sites isn’t specific enough for some folk, and a whole host of niche websites are keen to capitalise on that.One such UK site catering to a niche is , which as you might expect, claims to hook up avid videogaming singletons.We decided to take a look at what was on offer, following an exposé of its more blunt sister site, Shag-A-Gamer, by PCGames N.PCGames N found that Shag-A-Gamer seemed to be populated with fake or illegitimate users, the majority of which were not even remote videogame fans.So, is , which on name alone seems a more reputable venture, a more reputable site?

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