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He habitually made fun of his much prized, exaggerated features, his nose, his ears, referring to the thing that balanced on top of his neck as a ‘cabbage head’. Just ask the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. Then there’s Daniel Auteuil and the 10-year relationship he had with Emmanuelle Béart? (Ok, he’s also a movies star but apart from that there’s nothing to write home to mom about).

French cuisine is world famous and plays a strong role in the country's reputation for high culture, as is the strong connection to high style fashion.

Art is highly regarded in France and France is known for the art collections in museums in their country.

The most famous art gallery in the world, The Louvre, is located in Paris, France. Related Links: Facts World History Facts Animals Facts Learn French language: French language Learning Games and ...

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obsession about French people you’ve lived under a rock.

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