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I ditched all the popularity contests, “rate my photo” clones, and other features that didn’t directly contribute to this goal. Throughout development I would remind myself of the KISS principle.

Minimize interference Only utilize other people when you absolutely have to, especially if you plan on keeping overhead low.

I saw the project from start to finish before I wrote a single line of code and knew that I could do everything on my own.

There were no design meetings, Gantt charts, or conference calls – just myself, my computer, and my ability.

Identify an Opportunity I’m single and after trying the online dating thing I quickly ascertained two things: – The paid online dating market is very saturated – The free online dating market is also saturated but with sites that are clunky, difficult to use, so littered with ads they’re nearly unusable, and bombarded with useless features I saw an opening and I took it: I knew I could build something better in a very short period of time with almost no overhead.

The beauty of this iss that if this site isn’t successful there’s no layoffs, burned VC funding, and I’m ultimately not contributing to another dot-com crash.

This is a great tactic for just getting it all out there, save making sense of it for later.Generate ideas from your competition I didn’t want to lock the feature list into only my ideas, so I went and signed up for nearly a dozen online dating websites and got a feel for how most of them work. Stupid You know those collars for dogs that issue an electrical shock every time they start barking?Brain-dump some more After a couple of hours of surfing competitor’s websites I did another brain-dump of features. Have a specific goal, don’t try to make the website do everything I took the feature list and narrowed them down to only those that served a single purpose: providing a means for singles to find and communicate with one another. I wish every CEO and marketing professional in the tech industry could was equipped with a similar device that would shriek “KISS” into their ears every time they began making things unnecessarily complex.was bought by Just Say Hi (another dating site) in 2007.Just Say Hi’s infrastructure runs on Ruby on Rails, and as such Mingle2 was eventually ported over to that framework as well.

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