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That is, clear majorities among the older generations say sex is for procreation (79% Elders; 71% Boomers), expressing intimacy between two people who love each other (68% Elders; 73% Boomers) or uniting a man and woman in marriage (62% Elders; 50% Boomers).

Ever since the sexual revolution of the 1960s, the liberalization of social and moral attitudes toward sex has met with a conservative backlash troubled by the impact of an increasingly sexualized culture. Practicing Christians (72%) are almost twice as likely as adults of no faith (38%) to say that choosing not to have sex outside marriage is a healthy choice.

adults (50%) agree strongly that “choosing not to have sex outside of marriage is healthy.” But generational differences are significant.

Women (56%) are more likely than men (43%) to hold this view.

Compared to those who have never been married (41%), people who are married (53%) and, somewhat surprisingly, cohabitating adults (49%) are more likely to strongly agree with the statement. adults are asked to choose one or more phrases from a list of options that summarizes what sex is for, not everyone agrees.

It may be that these differences of opinion spring at least in part from confusion or ambivalence about the purpose of sex. Among all American adults, the most common answers given when asked about the purpose of sex were “to express intimacy between two people who love each other (63%), “to reproduce / to have children” (60%), and to connect with another person in an enjoyable way (45%).

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