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Due to computer technology, a forced-response can be easily achieved in online questionnaires and is frequently used to gather complete datasets.

An Internet- based quasi-experiment was conducted on the student server at the University of Vienna to study the influence of forced-response on dropout, demographic reports, and the content of the results.

Husbandry practices varied internationally, with predation highest where fewer cats were confined.Although the risk of wildlife population declines caused by pet cats justifies precautionary action, campaigns based on wildlife protection are unlikely to succeed outside Australia or New Zealand.Restrictions on roaming protect wildlife and benefit cat welfare, so welfare is a better rationale.Predictions tested were: (i) cat owners would agree less than non-cat owners that cats might threaten wildlife, (ii) cat owners value wildlife less than non-cat owners, (iii) cat owners are less accepting of cat legislation/restrictions than non-owners, and (iv) respondents from regions with high endemic biodiversity (Australia, New Zealand, China and the USA state of Hawaii) would be most concerned about pet cats threatening wildlife.Everywhere non-owners were more likely than owners to agree that pet cats killing wildlife were a problem in cities, towns and rural areas.

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Agreement amongst non-owners was highest in Australia (95%) and New Zealand (78%) and lowest in the UK (38%).

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