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Yet the economic dislocation of the Industrial Revolution made it impossible for many to do so, and the workhouses did not provide any means for social or economic betterment.

Furthermore, as Dickens points out, the officials who ran the workhouses blatantly violated the values they preached to the poor. In general, charitable institutions only reproduced the awful conditions in which the poor would live anyway.

Dickens describes with great sarcasm the greed, laziness, and arrogance of charitable workers like Mr. As Dickens puts it, the poor choose between “being starved by a gradual process in the house, or by a quick one out of it.” With the rise of capitalism during the Industrial Revolution, individualism was very much in vogue as a philosophy.

Victorian capitalists believed that society would run most smoothly if individuals looked out for their own interests.

Ironically, the clearest pronunciation of this philosophy comes not from a legitimate businessman but from Fagin, who operates in the illicit businesses of theft and prostitution.

He tells Noah Claypole that “a regard for number one holds us all together, and must do so, unless we would all go to pieces in company.” In other words, the group’s interests are best maintained if every individual looks out for “number one,” or himself.

The folly of this philosophy is demonstrated at the end of the novel, when Nancy turns against Monks, Charley Bates turns against Sikes, and Monks turns against Mrs. Fagin’s unstable family, held together only by the self-interest of its members, is juxtaposed to the little society formed by Oliver, Brownlow, Rose Maylie, and their many friends.

Yet even Sikes has a conscience, which manifests itself in the apparition of Nancy’s eyes that haunts him after he murders her.

Charley Bates maintains enough of a sense of decency to try to capture Sikes.

Of course, Oliver is above any corruption, though the novel removes him from unhealthy environments relatively early in his life.

And since this is a contemporary story, the gang of misfits that the female Oliver finds will not be pickpockets but 'a strange group of talented outcasts who use their unique skills to take down wealthy criminals'.

The TV show is being produced by Lionsgate TV and will be written by Chad Damiani and J. Lavin who the Hollywood Reporter says are adapting the game Fruit Ninja as a movie.

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Both have almost equally slim IMDB profiles, with shared writing credits on a 2007 TV show called Anchorwoman that only aired for one season on Fox.

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