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Marty Friedman’s music career reads like a boxing champ’s intro.

It includes playing with hit bands like Megadeth and Cacophony, multiple Grammy nominations, film, television, and more.

To celebrate his latest accomplishment, the release of his new studio album – In Marty’s experience, if you stick a simulated sound in the right place within a mix it could be just as good or even better than just using the amp tone.

Marty uses the BR-80 Digital Recorder like the GS-10 and GT Effects Processors – for the preset sounds.

As an example of his use of simulated sounds Marty referenced his guitar solo in the song “Viper” off his album in which he’s dueling with Steve Vai using the GT processor.

Everything that people probably would hope that I would have done will be done in spades in this record.–Marty Friedman Please visit our Facebook contest page to enter the BR-80 Digital Recorder giveaway.Once entered, you’ll be part of our growing community of musicians and gear enthusiasts.You will also be among the first to learn of future contest and giveaways. S., please visit your local Roland and BOSS Facebook page.Roland Goes Wireless We’ve just released Air Recorder, the perfect i Phone/i Pod Touch recording app for any Roland instrument outfitted with a Roland Wireless Connect adaptor, purchased separately.

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Ukrainian born Vitalij Kuprij is consistently at the top of keyboard player polls worldwide having been involved in some of the finest progressive/neo-classical albums of recent years from acts such as Artension and Ring Of Fire.

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