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They agree that online dating allows some people to find a better match because they can get to know a lot more people.

Looking at the total pool of internet users, 47% agree that online dating facilitates better pairing. Online daters are even more supportive of this view.

While 64% of online daters agree that online dating helps people find a better match, just 31% disagree.

Another 6% say they do not know whether or not online dating facilitates better connections.

Single and looking internet users, by comparison, are equally as likely as online daters to tout the benefits of accessing a larger pool of people online; 64% of single internet users who are looking for someone to date agree that online dating helps people to find a better match, while just 28% disagree.

These sentiments are relatively consistent across different community types and socioeconomic groups, but male internet users and younger internet users have a greater tendency to think online dating creates better couples.

Although online dating may present more opportunities to meet potential dates, it does not necessarily remove all of the complexity that comes with the dating process.

Online daters are not overwhelmingly convinced that they have found an easier or more efficient way to meet people.

Single and looking internet users are also split over this proposition; 45% agree that online dating is relatively easy, while 45% disagree.Looking at the total population of internet users, just 33% think that online dating is not as difficult as other ways of meeting people, while 53% disagree, and 13% say they do not know.Online men are more likely than women to see the sites as efficient, though it is still a minority view; 36% of them agree that online dating is easier, compared with 30% of online women.While respondents were asked specific questions about the use of online dating websites, they were also surveyed about their impressions of online dating more generally.Those who have actually used dating websites report back with favorable reviews.

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