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Christian Connection is a Christian dating site owned and run by Christians dating back to September 2000.

Thousands of couples have started relationships and many more Christians have found friendship and community through our dating events, meetups and message boards.

When you sign into a website, you will often see a button to “Sign in with Facebook”, or Google, Twitter, Yahoo, etc.

What this does is link those websites together, so when you log into one, it logs you into all of them.

This means that each site can keep track of everything you’re doing on whatever site you’ve linked it to.

The result is a giant map that connects all your internet activity around you like a spiderweb.

It may be convenient in some ways, but convenience in the digital world can be a problem. It’s difficult to make a system that’s both easy to use and secure at the same time.

Clever Devils – Why They Do It These websites that want you to sign in with your social networking accounts are really just mining you for advertising potential.

Beyond that, any personal info is none of their business.I don’t think the few minor conveniences of sharing your logins is worth decreasing your security and privacy.Of course, if you don’t mind sharing your personal information with these companies then it’s your business. But I would say that it’s best to be a stingy grump like me and be extra skeptical when doling out trust on the internet.The more they know about you, the easier they can target you for marketing. The users to create this connected web around themselves because of it’s touted “benefits”.Like automatically using your Facebook information to fill in your profiles on dating websites.

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