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The Advertisement Server is overall one of the most dedicated contributors to TV Tropes.

He may not be too good at launching tropes or adding examples, but you see his presence in every page (unless you have Firefox and a good ad-blocker plugin enabled for this site..which case, why do you hate TV Tropes?

On refresh, you served up an ad which advises me to "Teach your kids how to stop bullying and be more than a bystander! The Advertisement Server: WELL, IT'S EMBARRASSING TO HUNT SOMEONE DOWN AND THEN JUST WING THEM.

" Another winner, if you expand the definition of bullying to include outright mugging, and the definition of being more than a bystander to include playing a game of keep-away with the loot to keep it from the hands of adult thugs. the Spicy Latina page, there was an ad for an Asian Dating website. The Advertisement Server: DO YOU NOT APPRECIATE MULTICULTURAL DATING?

Earnest: A pair of ads: one for "Bee Bald" skin care products intended to help a shiny-headed lifestyle, and for 2014 Corolla's... I get the feeling Adbot is trying to make us manly emo-hipster eco-friendly terrorist villains. LOVE SHOULD BE COLORBLIND, JUST LIKE MY HUNTER-SEEKER ROBOTS.

Kyle Jacobs: The adbot was nice enough to provide two page images for the price of one by sticking one of Wartune's "ADULT FANTASY RPG" ads on Lady Not-Appearing-in-This-Game. IN THE SENSE OF NEEDING A HIGH CREDIT LIMIT TO DO ANYTHING.

Nightsky: Recruitment ad for the Armed Services on Skippy's List.

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Y'know, now that I have all these *ideas*, it doesn't sound half-bad!

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