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It took place from 4 September until 22 September 2013 in Slovenia. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Slovenia brought forward a potential candidature for the FIBA Euro Basket.Countries which were interested in submitting a formal candidature had to do so by In the first stage, every team had to play against every other team of their group (round-robin). From every group, the three best teams advanced to the second stage and the three worst teams were eliminated. The three best teams from groups A and B were united to form group E and the three best teams from groups C and D were united to form group F.In these two new groups of the second stage only matches by teams that had not yet played each other have to be played.As for the matches that had already happened in the first stage, their results also counted in the second stage.Therefore, every team played three matches and there are 12 teams in the second stage.

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