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A shotgun approach including peptide-based OFFGEL-isoelectric focusing (IEF) fractionation has been developed with the aim of improving the identification of platinum-binding proteins in biological samples.The method is based on a filter-aided sample preparation (FASP) tryptic digestion under denaturing and reducing conditions of cisplatin–, oxaliplatin–, and carboplatin–protein complexes, followed by OFFGEL-IEF separation of the peptides.Any risk of platinum loss is minimized throughout the procedure due to the removal of the reagents used after each stage of the FASP method and the absence of thiol-based reagents in the focusing buffer employed in the IEF separation.

We demonstrated that biofilm production was not a good predictor of catheter-related candidemia.Also, we demonstrated that there was no difference in the mortality of candidemia patients infected by biofilm-forming isolates and those in which the infection is caused by nonbiofilm-forming species. Recent guidelines on the management of candidemia recommend removing the catheter in cases of suspected CRC [11], but withdrawal is not always possible.In addition, conservative microbiological methods to confirm C-RBSI, such as differential time to positivity, cannot be applied to CRC [12,13].Therefore, a procedure capable of demonstrating that a catheter is the source of candidemia without withdrawal of the catheter would be clinically useful.Study of the strains isolated from blood cultures suggests they may be the source of infection [14,15]. Catheter tips and superficial cultures (skin and hub) were cultured using the semiquantitative technique (≥15 CFU/plate) [16].

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Our objectives were to assess whether biofilm production was a predictor of CRC and to determine if biofilm-forming isolates are associated with higher mortality in patients with candidemia. Plates were incubated for 24 h at 37ºC, with isolates grown on Sabouraud glucose agar for 24 h at 37ºC.

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