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Maintaining patient safety is an increasingly complex task, as it involves potential risk and there is no method that can guarantee the absence of errors.

It should be noted that, in healthcare tasks, there is a combination between factors inherent to the environment and human actions [3,4,5,6], and this is a possible cause of what are called adverse events (all situations that occur during the patient care process which do not originate in the underlying health condition but can cause significant damage or even death), which are possibly caused by a combination of environmental factors and human actions [3,4,5,6].

Traceability of patients and medications may be even more important for those drugs that are considered high risk and cost since, in addition to the perfect dosage, it greatly facilitates the sustainability of the public health system.

This paper mainly focuses on three types of intravenous mixtures: tocilizumab, abatacept, Remicade (infliximab) and Inflectra™ (biosimilar infliximab), dosified in the Pharmacy Service and administrated at the Day Hospital of A Coruña University Hospital (CHUAC), prescribed for rheumatological, neurological, or digestive diseases.

The development of treatments is made according to the pharmacotherapeutic profile of the patient.

Currently, a significant portion of the drugs that are administered to patients in the Day Hospital are prepared and dosed by the Pharmacy Service.

These processes are protocolized and, prior to implementation, a record of the medication that is prepared for each patient (indication, dose, pattern) is made.

Obtaining patient traceability and using the patient/drug binomial during this process allows us to minimize the occurrence of adverse events.

The key points in this work are the unmistakably unique identification and accurate real time location of the controlled items (patients and medication).

RFID technology has proved to be invaluable in assisting with the everyday clinical practice of a hospital, and has been successfully implemented in this environment and others.

In services such as the day hospital, the implementation of said technology is further justified by the high costs of the service and the high risk to the patient.

The concern of medical professionals regarding patient safety in the assistance process is nothing new: a robust public healthcare service has many positive effects on the population including wealth generation, social cohesion, increased productivity, consumption growth, and increased research.

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The public healthcare system is a source of social and economic wealth that creates jobs and plays an important role in preventing premature mortality by increasing and improving the quality of life of citizens.

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