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“We have the police that can protect our people, so there is no need for vigilante groups here in Estonia,” Valter Pärn from the Police and Border Guard Board told ERR on Sunday.The Finnish media recently reported that the so-called Soldiers of Odin who purport to protect the native population from immigrants, has expanded to Estonia, where it functions as a unit of the group's founding Kemi branch.As of Sunday, the Soldiers of Odin Estonia Facebook page had more than 3,000 members.Pärn said there have been no offenses by asylum seekers or refugees that should raise concern.There is, however, a possibility that anti-immigrant vigilante groups could cause anxiety instead of desired stability.

Opposite to the Old Riga on the left bank of the river Daugava stands the new building of the National Library called also the Castle of Light.The building was designed by Gunārs Birkerts - the most renowned Latvian architect in the world.He also designed the Law Library Building at the University of Michigan and the Corning Museum of Glass that were both included in the list of 150 all-time favourite buildings in America, compiled by the American Institute of Architects.The architect intended for the new building to reflect a hill of glass that has a symbolic meaning in the Latvian culture. You can take a tour through the building and dine at the restaurant Klīversala that boasts a great view to the city.Read more The trendy Kalnciems quarter is located on the left side of the river Daugava around the junction of Kalnciema and Melnsila streets.

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