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This is a highly effective way of restricting both long-distance dispersal and density of propagules. A cooperative approach involving researchers, policy and trade representatives has been an effective way to achieve regulation of this risk pathway.

Most current aquatic weeds were at one time deliberately imported for ornamental use.

This article discusses a weed risk assessment approach to evaluating new potential weeds.

It assesses the potential invasiveness of an aquatic plant based on its habitat versatility, competitive ability, reproductive output and dispersal mechanisms, range of potential impacts, potential distribution and resistance to management activities.

The Aquatic Weed Risk Assessment Model (AWRAM) has been used to evaluate potential aquatic weeds in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

A similar approach could be used to guide the management of aquatic weeds in Europe.

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Banning the importation of highly ranked species effectively keeps biosecurity risks off-shore.

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