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Appeal letter for visa application or sample of visa application appeal letter is the basic requirement of the refused applications.Every applicant, that has been rejected has the right to ask for an appeal.However, there is one simple rule of the appeal: You are not allowed to submit any new evidence or additional documents to support your case.For example if you had sent in bank statements that were more than a month old at the time of application, you are not allowed to appeal and introduce new bank statements.Common successful appeals include when it is clear the case worker handling your file has made a mistake (e.g.read something wrongly or did not see one of your documents), or that one of your documents was interpreted wrongly.Dear Sir/Madam, Application Reference: I write with reference to my recent application for a credit based facility provided by you, and your subsequent refusal of the facility.Whilst I appreciate I may not have met your specific criteria for the product itself, I would like to appeal your decision because I feel I have underlying facts that may make you reconsider.

We proud you to take some more time checking out web pages.It can at times become wearisome to sort the acceptable info from the dreadful.If you have any information or material of you can send us to post on this website of visa guide.Add Section 2 Text Add Section 3 Text I trust my appeal will be looked at more favourably than my original application and remember, I'm only a phone call away should you require anything clarifying or require sight of additional documentation; which will assist in you reversing the original decision and allow me the facility applied for, or an alternative as you may see fit.I'd be more than happy to close an existing account down to lower my liabilities but personally I think my situation is extremely good, all things considered, and I do lead a very comfortable lifestyle as you can see from my bank statements.

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