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Theme song: It's the Tom & Jerry Kids Show Gotta be where all the action is Tom & Jerry Kids Show It's the Tom & Jerry Kids Show Big Tail Little Tail chasing all around Cat and mouse game never lets down.

Well there's Spike and Tyke, Droopy and Dripple Come on add some fun It's all so simple Talkin' 'bout the Tom & Jerry Kids Show Come on and be where all the action is Is, Tom And Jerry Kids.

Tom And Jerry Kids, The Tom And Jerry Kids New Show!

Tinder's top expert revealed details on the science of matching in online dating and the key ways to attract a potential date.

For so many people today, dating is largely defined by swiping. If you both swipe right, signifying you like each other, you can start chatting, and experts say that is why profile pictures can be one of the most important factors in online dating.

Officials from the West Hollywood-based mobile app say there's a science behind swiping, and Dr. Carbino recommends not to wear accessories that cover up your face, including hats and sunglasses Neutral colors are also not recommended for an eye-catching profile photo.

Jessica Carbino is their in-house sociologist."Individuals are looking for a lot of different signals and cues when they're analyzing photographs," she explained. Experts suggest to wear something bright and have at least one picture with a formal outfit.

Once you do match, Carbino said asking questions is the best way to keep the conversation going."When I was single and dating, I used to ask people, 'What's your favorite place to travel to? So if you provide people with fodder for the conversation, you can have more success in the future," she said.

Tom & Jerry Kids is an animated television series, co-produced by Hanna-Barbera and Turner Entertainment, starring the cat-and-mouse duo Tom and Jerry as children (kitten and mouse).

The show premiered in 1990 and continued airing until 1994.

It began airing as the first program of the FOX's children's block, Fox Kids on September 8, 1990.

The series is somewhat similar to the "older" version of the original theatricals, partly akin to being produced by creators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, founders of H-B.

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In terms of violence level, they are far closer to the original cartoons than previous television adaptions such as Filmation's The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show although somewhat milder than Hanna and Barbera's version.

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