Does money matter in dating site

If you’re a spender, being with another spender will probably mean way less arguments about cashola.

Finding a partner who handles money the same way you do will mean a lot less fighting and a lot more loving.

This isn’t a popular opinion, but I’ve never been afraid to have those.

It takes a very rare man to be okay with a woman out earning him.

I’m not saying that it can’t be done at all or there’s no way for a high earning lady to find love with a more modest earning man.

I’m just saying that it’s tough to find a man who’s sincerely comfortable with that dynamic.

And it’s just a whole lot easier on a relationship when the earning discrepancy works the other way and the woman is out earned by the man.

So, you might want to look up the financial food chain instead of down when you’re picking your next fellow.

” But you, my loves, know me well enough to know that my answers are never that simple.

And considering I run a business called The Millionaire’s Club, someone who didn’t know me well would probably think I’d be able to give the simple answer of, “Hells yeah, it does!

And I don’t really ever say, “Hells yeah.” So, here’s what I have to say when it comes to money, love and the mixing of the two. Now wait a second, I’m not saying that the amount of love you feel for someone should hinge on the amount of money that person has.

But, it is easier to be happy in a relationship when finances aren’t a stressor in your relationship.

And more cash flow normally means less financial stress.

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