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is the premier site for world literature in translation.

We take our name from the dotted line on a graph that a mathematical function may tend toward, but never reach.

Similarly, a translated text may never fully replicate the effect of the original; it is its own creative act.

here.) To date, our magazine has featured work from 105 countries and 84 languages, all never-before-published poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, and interviews by writers and translators such as J. Coetzee, Patrick Modiano, Herta Müller, Can Xue, Junot Díaz, Ismail Kadare, David Mitchell, Anne Carson, Haruki Murakami, Lydia Davis, Ann Goldstein, and Deborah Smith.

In our five years, we have expanded our offerings to include a daily-updated blog, a fortnightly newsletter, a monthly podcast, and educational guides accompanying each quarterly issue; we’ve also organized more than thirty events on five continents.

In 2015, essays introducing overlooked voices that deserve to be better-known in the English speaking world, as well as a wildcard Special Feature that spotlights literature from certain regions or cutting-edge genres such as Multilingual Writing and Experimental Translation.

To catalyze the transmission of literature even further, also commissions translations of texts into languages other than English, thereby engaging other linguistic communities and disrupting the English-centered flow of information.

But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange those ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” It is in this spirit of sharing ideas that Asymptote invites readers to explore work from across the globe.

Incorporated neither in America nor in Europe, unaffiliated with any university or government body, does not qualify for many grants that other like institutions receive.

If you enjoy our magazine, help us continue our mission by becoming a sustaining member at just a month.

In return for pledging at least a year’s support, you’ll receive an is trained to a new perimeter‚ excitingly so. I love the collective impetus, the breadth of vision, the polylingualism‚ the universality which is at the core of the journal's poetics.

There is the feeling that its editors are listening, not just for a new sound‚ although it feels very new‚ but for the full sound, taking in parts of the tonal spectrum that have been ignored for too long. A lot of journals include documents of poetics, but very few have a deeply driven poetics in themselves, across all genres plus all genres in-between. In 1971, he moved to Achterhoek, a quiet, wooded region in the east of the Netherlands where many of his animal stories are set.

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