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So, the first 15 minutes before the event officially kicked off felt very much like a primary school disco.

Women were seated on one side of the room, talking together while sorting out their hair and make-up.

The men on the other hand were all bunched up on the polar opposite end of that room, quietly chatting to one another in a slightly awkward manner while nervously downing bottles of alcohol for liquid courage.

At 8pm our compere gave tick sheets to the 12 women and 17 men and began to lay out the plans for the evening. The men were told to go from table to table in a circular line with each date lasting exactly four minutes.

If at the end of the date you felt you had hit it off with the other party and fancied a future date with them, you were to tick “yes” by their name and, if not, you’d tick “no” or nothing at all. MORE: I sold The Big Issue on the streets of Cardiff and it was harder than I ever thought it could be But when the speed dating actually began, a new sense of nerves took over both myself and all the other participants – namely how on earth do I sell myself to a person I’ve never met before in just four minutes?

This was a fear that some people unfortunately failed to get over.

MORE: Undateables star Tom Morgan steals the hearts of a nation - and vows to set up a charity to help others There was one particularly nice woman in her 20s who told me her life was so busy that she wanted to find “Mr Right” – but in a quick, easy and nice way.

And for me that was what the evening was about - getting to know members of the opposite sex, spending a few minutes of face-to-face contact with them and seeing if you clicked.

Being a loud-mouthed journalist helped somewhat, allowing me to ask what I like to think were interesting, very slightly intrusive questions – and occasionally getting quite a nice response back.

Finding a partner is a mighty difficult thing sometimes.

“Quite a few” different people in the world spread across some fairly large landmasses and all sorts of ways to meet (and not meet) them sometimes makes it feel like a nigh-on impossible task to find a future other half So that’s why after just over two years out of the dating game, I jumped right back in last week - and not via Tinder or some other online cyber-mumbo jumbo. You might be thinking “that’s crazy”, “I’d never do that” or “this guy’s bonkers”.

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