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The lake is open for fishing during the normal rod licence season, though pre-baiting, keep nets and night fishing are all forbidden.

During both World War One and Two the Park saw service for the Empire with troops from the Canadian Forestry Regiment helping to farm the Park and harvest the wood, for use in the trenches of France or building air strips in France for the Royal Flying Corps.

To this day the lines of trees they planted can still be clearly seen.

Sadly one of the Forestry Regiment never went home after being killed in a road traffic accident on the nearby Crooked Billet Roundabout.

In these films the location was often used to represent Transylvania.

The park has also been used in film productions such as the James Bond film Goldfinger, where it was used for a night car chase scene (actually set in Switzerland and featuring Bond's Aston Martin DB5), and the 2006 version of Casino Royale, plus several Carry On films, Wombling Free, Batman, Sleepy Hollow, Bugsy Malone, the Harry Potter film series, Captain America: The First Avenger, Robin Hood, 47 Ronin, Eden Lake, and the Monty Python film And Now for Something Completely Different.

In television, Black Park, together with its lake, was used extensively in location filming for the planet Alzarius in the 1980 Doctor Who serial Full Circle, and was employed again two years later in the recording of the Restoration-era set serial The Visitation.

Dressed with fake cobwebs, it was also used for the filming of the early Blake's 7 episode The Web.

Black Park is popular with walkers and dog owners due to the wide open spaces and well-maintained routes.

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