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For Photoshop to access the GPU, your display card must contain a GPU that supports Open GL and has enough RAM to support Photoshop functions — at least 128 MB of RAM — and a display driver that supports Open GL 2.0 and Shader Model 3.0..." (Adobe site).If you believe your reference image and work flow are in order, but you don't see the expected Print settings (shown below) — or if your prints are coming out dark or light or with green or magenta or red or blue color tints — check out: Also: Make sure you test for clogged nozzles by printing out a nozzle test pattern to be sure your hardware is not causing you the problems.Even the best professional inks expire and have bad batches...If you are having problems look in these areas (get compatible fixed updates or disable/remove them).If you have an older Epson printer with no updates (it is not compatible with Intel processors, or 10.7 Lion 10.6 Snow Leopard, or 64-bit apps) you will probably need to replace it if you want to use it effectively in CS6 CS5.5 CS4.The short answer is buy an Epson "Photo" printer (not the cheapest office printer you can find and expect it to work optimally in Photoshop).

Most likely all you need to do is update your video card driver from the GPU maker's website.

What you're seeing is a bug in the video card driver related to Open GL, and Photoshop is defaulting to drawing the image with Open GL, but gets no errors from the driver, so Photoshop doesn't know that it didn't work. If your Photoshop Open GL options are grayed out, you cannot select "Enable Open GL Drawing" or check boxes in Advanced Settings in Photoshop preferences — more than likely your video card is unsupported.

See Photoshop Help / GPU, Open GL support | Photoshop CS4, CS54 "Photoshop CS4 -CS5 leverage the graphics display card's GPU, instead of the computer's main processor (the CPU) to speed its screen redraw.

set up the Epson printer utility for "Photoshop Manages Colors" & "Color Mode: Off (No Color Management)" work flow (not Photoshop's "Printer Manages Color" setting).

This professional printing workflow is previously known as Epson "No Color Adjustment".

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If you want to print 'accurately' out of Photoshop, you will need to first apply the correct Source Profile to your image in Photoshop, and then configure your printer utility to Convert it to the correct Print Profile for the specific printer-ink-paper (substrate) you are printing on.

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