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Kalpaasi (‘Kal’ as in culture, ‘paa’ as in pa and ‘si’ as in see) – a peculiar spice with a peculiar shape, can be found along with other spices if you get a whole curry masal packet (kari masaal jaamaan/saamaan) from any grocery stores in South-India.

However it’s not a peculiar spice for the Tamilnadu folks, especially for the Chettinadu locals. In the US, in the India grocers near my home, I found it with the name dagad phool. I wish I get to see how this magic spice is scrapped from rocks/trees/stones of water wells. It is curly like some dried flower that is very light in weight. It can be easily puffed away with a blow of thin air from your mouth.

In Tamil, ‘Kal’ means stone and ‘paasi’ means light green moss that grows on rocks in running streams or rivers or on trees in hill stations. But I have no idea how kalpasi is actually cropped (!!?? Kalpasi has shades of black, gray, white, mung bean green and pale green in it.

You won’t be able to get its fragrance if smelled raw. However, kalpasi releases a very strong aroma when tempered for curries and gravies.

If I am to explain its smell: it smells as though a new garment is kept in a godown for many days – I couldn’t write a better description of kalpasi’s aroma. What smell do you get if you sun dry a flower for many days? The fragrance is something close to what star anise releases when tempered in hot oil, but stronger.

If you investigate a pack of kalpasi, you’ll find small bits of barks too, as if it was scrapped out from a tree.

Nageshwar alias “Don” heads a vast criminal empire.He has an only son, (Ajay Devgn), who is completely familiar with his dad and his business.So is Ajay’s wife, who would like to put an end to all these criminal activities.When Nageshwar starts showing signs of aging, he decides that it is now time for Ajay to take over from him.Ajay does so, however, a number of Nageshwar’s associates are unhappy, embittered, and critical of this choice, and as a result they, under the leadership of Shankar Dhanraj kidnap Ajay’s son, Gopal, and hold him for ransom.

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Will Nageshwar negotiate his grandson’s release, or will his grandson be another sacrifice of his “empire”?

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