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The CCTV Processor solution uses CCTV data in the NASSCO exchange format to create a point for each condition.The final map product can then be published and shared with your Arc GIS organization in order for staff to better understand vulnerability on sanitary sewer mains.With love's light wings did Romeo scale Juliet's wall, ascend her balcony, and taste his pilgrim's reward.It makes for a better story than meeting someone on-line!That's why an annual matchmaking festival on Ireland's west coast is still going strong after 150 years - not only that; it's bringing in hungry hearts from around the globe.And if you find Willie, he may even let you touch his magical 'Bible of Love'.While the business of matchmaking has changed significantly in recent years—Ireland is keen to hold on to old traditions.A small town on the west coast of Ireland, home to less than a 1000 residents, hosts an annual matchmaking festival that draws crowds of over 60,000 people from across the world—who are looking for love.

One of the world's most popular dating apps, Tinder, attracts 50 million users globally and is estimated to make 12 million matches a day.

The app allows people to look for potential suitors in their locality, then they can decide based on a picture if they would like to match.

If they both swipe right they match—and can talk to each other.

While the internet may have changed the way people date forever—it's obvious that some people are keen to hold on to tradition.

"It is good, especially for Irish men, since they are lonely and shy, so this is good to bring them out.

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